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  •  $3,000,000 in Products Sold For Our Clients In 2013
  • Affordable, Keyword-Based Payment System
  • Increase Revenue
  • Front Page Domination
  • Build Your Site’s Authority
  • A Proven Ranking System
  • Monthly Reporting
  • An Automated Marketing Machine
  • Flexible Contract Options

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More Customers

A Proven Ranking System

After 6 years in the industry, we know what works. You want proof? We have proof. While we won’t reveal the actual campaigns our customers have run, we do have some pretty impressive case studies you can check out.

Affordable, Keyword-Based Payment System

Our fees adjust to your market. Want laser-targeted niche marketing? Our long-tail keyword research system can save you money and deliver results faster. Want to compete with multi-billion dollar companies for the most lucrative keywords? We do that all the time. 

Increase Revenue

36% of searches click on the top result in Google. We’ll put you where the customers are.

Front Page Domination

A Complete online marketing strategy doesn’t stop with Google. We offer packages to help you manage your social media marketing and boost your word-of-mouth traffic. And then we’ll help you rank those on the front page of Google, too.

Build Your Site’s Authority

Our Authority marketing model means that everything we do helps establish your business as the go-to authority in your market.

An Unfair Advantage

We are the only SEO company that uses an algorithmic deduction software to optimize for your niche. This means that we deliver more results in less time. 

Monthly Reporting

Business owners need a simple way to tell if their marketing plan is working. Every month we send you a report with the progress we are making. Spend 5 minutes with that report every month and you’ll know exactly where your company is online.

An Automated Money Machine

 The beauty of the internet is that it is running 24/7. Put your site at the top, and it can be building your brand and bringing you new clients, even while you sleep. You can stop chasing every new advertising craze and get back to working on your business.

Flexible Contract Options

Our results speak for themselves. 

All of our contracts are month-to-month. We’d rather deliver results and have you want to stay with us than to force you into a year-long contract. 


A Proven System

We like to let our results speak for themselves.

Check out a few of the position results we got for one client.

Happy Customers

“… Get In Front of the News”

You’ve got to know people so that that way you can get your product out there, you can get your name recognition out there, you can get those nice back links. If you can get in front of the news, get in front of the news. Get that type of back link and if you can find a great company like SEO Punch that can help you out, then hey, that works out even better.

Brian – Spycentre Security

“We recommend…”

Courtney has always been a “go-to guy” for advice on business and that advice was in no short supply when our team needed insight on marketing. With Courtney’s insight, our team was able to better address our marketing plan and create some unique strategies that were custom to what our business is.

If you or your company needs any advice or direction on marketing, then we recommend Courtney to help.

Rob – Ethos Studios

“… skilled in SEO”

Quinton is amazingly knowledgeable and skilled in SEO. His expertise never ceases to amaze. I would highly recommend him to anyone that requires SEO services.


Jeremy – 1 Source SEO

Constant Support

Marketing is a team effort.

Anytime your team has a marketing question, our team is just one email away.


For Far Too Long, “SEO Companies” Have Been Playing Games…

So many “SEO companies” are either foreigners trying to make a quick buck with robo-calls that impersonate Google or web design companies who offer “SEO services” on the side. 

The Convergensys’ difference is that our entire focus for the past half-decade is on converting online searches into offline cash. 

We don’t care if we need to use Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising or search engine optimization to deliver the best results. At the end of the day, it is all about creating a system for your company that delivers consistent growth, month after month. 

The last thing Springfieldians need is to have their marketing terms dictated to them by large companies out of touch with our local market. Get the same ranking advantage of a Fortune 500 company for a fraction of the price.