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Give Back

One of the most rewarding parts of success is being able to give back to causes important to you. We will enable your success so you can support the people and places that mean the most.

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Search engine optimization can change your business

Double Your Business — For Free*

That’s a bold proposition. And we recognize that there are a lot of variables.
But unless your business is easily found — your business won’t survive.

It’s a principle that goes back to the stone age.

Most of our customers in Alaska find that around the half-way point of an advertising campaigns, their revenue has increased enough to completely cover the costs of the entire campaign.
In many cases this means that they are virtually receiving an increase in business for free

*”Double Your Business For Free” refers to the increased revenue that results from higher rankings. These higher revenues are — in most cases — significantly higher than our fees. If in doubt, fill out our Discovery form and we will help you with an increased revenue analysis before you get started.

Build Trust

When a business ranks highly in Google, it gives the illusion of authority. People are automatically more inclined to trust companies who have big ads and are prominently featured.
What they don’t know, is that you were able to secure these positions for less than the price of a monthly radio ad.

Meet Your Ideal Customer

The best customer is one who is looking for your services.
In the “old days” that meant using the Yellow Pages.
Today, that means ranking well in Google.
And, it goes beyond that. Potential customers around Anchorage AK want to know how many reviews a business has, and what their friends think of the business.
Today, people trust their electronic devices.
The downside is, unless you are easily found on that device — and with a sufficient quantity of good reviews — those customer are apt to skip over you and go for what they perceive to be a more “well-known” brand.

Search Engine Optimization Is Affordable.

Only a handful of people have read the Google patents that run the search engines (yes, we have).
This leaves the average business owner with the perception that Search Engine Optimization must be difficult and expensive.

The Dirty Secret About SEO Companies in Glendale

There’s no college degree.
There’s no regulating body.
Basically, anyone can read a book on “SEO” and say that they are an expert.
That’s where we are different.
We come to your business with over a decade of combined marketing experience. We’ve run campaigns for Fortune 500 companies. We’ve sold millions of dollars of product online for our customers.
Unlike many of these companies with a bevy of workers in India claiming to be “SEO Experts”, we actually know what it takes to not only rank you better in Google — but to also strengthen your brand.

Legally Tap Into Money-Printing

Once we put businesses on the front page of Google – provided their market is big enough – the owners come back to us, awed at how easy it is to make a profit.
And, unlike our competitors in Anchorage, many of our advertising campaigns have a set end date. So once we get you ranked, you don’t have to keep paying us, you can just sit back and collect the residual incomes.

Delivering a Clear ROI

As with any business decision, the more information you have, the more accurately you can make a decision. Simply fill out our Discovery Form and we will follow up with you on how much new business a Convergensys campaign might deliver for your company.

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SEO For Miami Florida

Need someone for Hialeah FL SEO? Talk with us!

The Miami Florida area is a great place for business, shopping, restaurants and a good lifestyle. The allure of a year round sunny climate and forever warm weather makes it a great place to visit and to live.

Miami is also a mecca for the trendy, fashionable crowd, many of whom are shopping more and more online, even for items that they can walk into a store and pick up in person. It is just that it is much easier to order online and have it shipped, as opposed to driving all the way downtown to the store, finding a place to park, and then fighting traffic all the way home.

Easy and simple is what the internet has brought to us and when it comes to shopping, the digital age has made everything much easier and efficient. It actually makes everything so much more easily done, and your transactions can be over and done with at the click of your computer mouse.

Instead of fighting the crowds, just pour another cup of coffee and leisurely shop the store on your laptop or iPad. You can leisurely scan through the scarves, necklaces and jewelry and never leave your home. When you find something that looks pretty good, hover over it to get a good closeup of the pictures, and make your decision. Just add to your shopping cart, and pretty soon you have a king’s ransom in clothing and earrings.

SEO, or search engine optimization makes all of this possible through the wonder of wonders call computerized shopping. The computer software will find the general topic of what you are looking fro, and from there you can narrow it down from among the various topics that come up, and you get to pick and choose which company you wish to browse.

The software picks up your search terms, and then goes and finds the closest matches, which in turn, are sent to you that you may pick and choose what products you can use. If you see something that you like, then you can choose it, put it in your “shopping cart, “shop some more,” or call it a day.

The algorithm in the software program sees what your search term is, so it then goes out on the internet and picks the best website based upon how closely it matches what your keywords tell it to do, the site offers up some top choices and best fits the search criteria for which you are looking.

One person might put the term, “Woolen Jackets” into the search box, while another may put jackets into the search box. Each may return a different item, but it will be closer to the item that you want in this extra special item.

It has been shown that different people will search for entirely different items, and even sub categories of items. So you really are selecting the most comprehensive items from a long list and then as the competitors all make the selections, they don’t let on line influences push them off course.

However the process of SEO, or search engine optimization in Miami hasn’t ever looked brighter as the digital age begins to gain extra maturity more and more. Right now the statistics show us that up to 70 per cent of interested shoppers spend time online shopping for their needs. At least there is a first look to find out who sells that item or items that you are looking for.

Once you find the item and the price, you can head on down to the store, make your purchase, and then head home. No time wasted, no wondering what you are going to find.

If you go to Google and search for a certain item, you will find many choices that pop once you type in your search terms and you can take your time comparing sizes, prices and locations. You can then choose to make a trip to the store, or just purchase online with your credit card. Easy enough.

The social media sites are even getting into the act with Facebook for example sending you a post right on your Facebook link. How did they know that what you see is just what you have been looking for. How did they do that?

Facebook has an incredible reach as to what your past shopping preferences, and interests are simply by what you generally do and talk about when you are on Facebook.

If you like to go skiing, and you frequently discuss your favorite spots and what gear you like to take along, pretty soon you are likely to get some posts that give you some pretty good ideas about the subject. That’s how it works.

The same with Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms, as they all utilize similar tactics to woo you, get your attention in the quest of ultimately wooing you as a customer. Once they know a little about you, their algorithms can pick you out of a crowd, along with thousands of others in order to send you what you are probably looking for anyway.

Besides, it’s a lot of fun to share your successes in shopping with your friends, as you find their feedback profitable for you and your searches. This is precisely what make social media so social, that is the sharing part, as it spreads the word and savvy advertisers can reach so many people that way when a post “goes viral.”

It is certainly a whole lot easier to shop online and due to the convenience of it all, the breadth of choice and being able to see more becomes a great advantage.

Comparing prices is a breeze and you can compare many different brands and prices in a blink of an eye, compared to running around from store to store in a futile effort to do the same thing, which can take hours, and cost you plenty in gas and parking.

No wonder so many rely on digital shopping as it is just easier and a sign of the times. Hooray!

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