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Running a radio ad: $90 per spot X 5 spots per day = $13,500 per month. Your results? Someone changes the channel.

Running a TV ad: $120 per spot x 4 spots per day = $14,400 per month. Your results? Bragging rights.

#1 search result in Google: $900-1,200 per month for 9 months. Your Results?

  • See who visits your site
  • Track purchases
  • Track inbound calls
  • Close more sales

We don’t play the guessing game that conventional advertisers ask you to play. During our free keyword review, we’ll identify paying terms that will get you new customers, then we will provide a proven strategy to put your site in front of those customers. Once your site is there, you can stop paying us. We’ll tell you how long you can expect it to take to rank, and we give you a rank tracking report so you can see the keywords move up to their new home on the front page. 

Radio and TV can’t give you that.

Fill out our discovery form below for your free keyword review. You won’t be charged for any services as part of the review, so there is no risk!

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