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Spend less on advertising, but get even better results with page 1 Google rankings. Every ad dollar you invest is multiplied 10x by being the first site Google recommends to potential customers.

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Our clients get to spend their time doing what they are good at, rather than stressing out over where their next sale is coming from. The ROI on our services is through the roof, meaning you get to do more of what you love!

Give Back

One of the most rewarding parts of success is being able to give back to causes important to you. We will enable your success so you can support the people and places that mean the most.

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Search engine optimization can change your business

Double Your Business — For Free*

That’s a bold proposition. And we recognize that there are a lot of variables.
But unless your business is easily found — your business won’t survive.

It’s a principle that goes back to the stone age.

Most of our customers in Alaska find that around the half-way point of an advertising campaigns, their revenue has increased enough to completely cover the costs of the entire campaign.
In many cases this means that they are virtually receiving an increase in business for free

*”Double Your Business For Free” refers to the increased revenue that results from higher rankings. These higher revenues are — in most cases — significantly higher than our fees. If in doubt, fill out our Discovery form and we will help you with an increased revenue analysis before you get started.

Build Trust

When a business ranks highly in Google, it gives the illusion of authority. People are automatically more inclined to trust companies who have big ads and are prominently featured.
What they don’t know, is that you were able to secure these positions for less than the price of a monthly radio ad.

Meet Your Ideal Customer

The best customer is one who is looking for your services.
In the “old days” that meant using the Yellow Pages.
Today, that means ranking well in Google.
And, it goes beyond that. Potential customers around Springfield MO want to know how many reviews a business has, and what their friends think of the business.
Today, people trust their electronic devices.
The downside is, unless you are easily found on that device — and with a sufficient quantity of good reviews — those customer are apt to skip over you and go for what they perceive to be a more “well-known” brand.

Search Engine Optimization Is Affordable.

Only a handful of people have read the Google patents that run the search engines (yes, we have).
This leaves the average business owner with the perception that Search Engine Optimization must be difficult and expensive.

The Dirty Secret About SEO Companies in Springfield

There’s no college degree.
There’s no regulating body.
Basically, anyone can read a book on “SEO” and say that they are an expert.
That’s where we are different.
We come to your business with over a decade of combined marketing experience. We’ve run campaigns for Fortune 500 companies. We’ve sold millions of dollars of product online for our customers.
Unlike many of these companies with a bevy of workers in India claiming to be “SEO Experts”, we actually know what it takes to not only rank you better in Google — but to also strengthen your brand.

Legally Tap Into Money-Printing

Once we put businesses on the front page of Google – provided their market is big enough – the owners come back to us, awed at how easy it is to make a profit.
And, unlike our competitors in Anchorage, many of our advertising campaigns have a set end date. So once we get you ranked, you don’t have to keep paying us, you can just sit back and collect the residual incomes.

Delivering a Clear ROI

As with any business decision, the more information you have, the more accurately you can make a decision. Simply fill out our Discovery Form and we will follow up with you on how much new business a Convergensys campaign might deliver for your company.

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You’ve Survived The Ice Storm Of 2007 And The Market Crash Of 2008

But Will You Survive The Internet?


Here in Springfield, we love to go on “Word Of Mouth” advertising.  As a customer, it let’s us know what is hot, cool, and trendy.  As a business, well, you can’t beat good publicity.


But as the internet progresses, more and more small businesses are finding it hard to keep up. Excellent business ideas keep getting blown out of town by competeting market forces with a bigger adveriting budget.


The mom and pop store doesn’t stand a chance.


SEO Is A Big Stick


What these small businesses often refuse to recognize is that there is a big stick that they could be using: The internet.


Every day, millions of queries are entered. Even in our town. People want to know who they should use as their plumber, their doctor, their lawyer, their handyman, their dentist…


They go to Google, read reviews, and ask their friends on Facebook.


If you have a good website and strong social media presence, they will find you.


If not, you may not be given the chance.


As your Springfield SEO firm, we want to put you one top where your customers are looking for you.


The Top Of The Competition (Literally)


For all of our small-town charm, we are an impatient folk. We need to get results, and the faster the better.


Your customers aren’t going to invest a lot of time searching for your business.


Even worse, national companies are running ads to steal local dollars away. Sure, you not only beat these conglomerates on price, but you also have service and a smile to match.


But you either refuse to run ads that can match the national chains, or they have pockets much deeper than yours.


And it ends up burying your little business.


You Can Win In Springfield


Springfield is one of the best places to launch a business.


Believe it or not, the competition is weak enough that, when done correctly, the mom and pop store has a strong chance of succeeding.


Even better, there is a strong local loyalty for you to tap into. We like keeping our dollars in our community.


But to do that, you have to be visible.


And that is where we come in.


Results This Market Hasn’t Seen.


We’ve been running national marketing campaigns for the past five years. This has taught us a lot about the industry and has given us some powerful tools that smaller firms simply can’t offer.


And, until now, we haven’t been able to offer these rankings at a price the small business can afford.


Big Results, Small Budget


But that changed the other day. We were kicked back, talking about our “Pa” who used to run a paint factory down on Main Street (now the Butler Rosenbury and Partners building).


And we were bemoaning how small companies can no longer compete.


The unfairness of it all hit home. And we decided it was time to do something about it.


We’ve restructured our systems and scaled them to a price that the small business owner can afford. Even better, we didn’t cut corners. You are getting the same power the big companies use. Just at a better price.


Let’s say we did it for our Pa.


Get Started


We only have so many slots open each month for new clients. So if you are interested, fill out our discovery form. This let’s us run some calculations and provide you with a return on investment estimate.






Marketing Ideas For Small Business
Recycle Your Content. Not only can existing data studies be repurposed, but old content can also be rehashed into new creations also. A webinar can be turned into a video tutorial. A set of blog posts can be transformed into an ebook. Don’t ever be afraid to mix your old content up – there is a good chance that most people won’t ever see your old material so that it will be a 100% free, new piece of content for a vast majority of your audience.

Start your Customer Referral Program. You can offer your existing customers a free month of your service, a free product or some other kind of reward for them referring new customers to you. Keep in mind that word-of-mouth is very powerful. It can be extremely value for friends to tell their friends about your business.

Hold Online Contests. It will be necessary for you to spend some money on a prize. However, all of the new potential leads and numbers of participants for your contest will make it very well worth it. What if you have a very tight budget? Technically, you don’t need to have a very expensive prize to get people to participate in your contest. For some users, even a few fancy backpacks or high-end water bottles may be enough to draw them in. If you don’t know how to run a contest, use Rafflecopter. The service makes it very easy to get a contest set up and embed your entry form onto your website.

Industry Partnership. You can find a business that relates to your industry (but isn’t a direct competitor) to team up with to work on joint projects together. It can be done online through a promotional giveaway or webinar or offline locally through some special event.

When you partner with another business it can get you double the amount of notice. If you partner with a business that is relevant to your business, you can get introduced to an entirely new audience that relates to your niche. This kind of access is something many people are willing to pay the big bucks for.

Apply for Business Awards Online. A majority of industries offer business awards. When you win, they give you an online badge that can be posted on your website. These types of badges can give your credibility a boost and result in your sales increasing.

If your industry doesn’t have any awards, you can also host one on your own. It will garner you lots of attention from other businesses in your industry who are interested in applying for your award, which will mean even more connection and potential collaborations in the future.

Local Marketing Ideas For Small Budgets
Marketing Ideas

So is your budget limited regarding how much money you have to spend on your business? Don’t worry – there are many different marketing tactics that can be used that won’t completely blow that small marketing budget of yours out of the water. We are here to help you stretch your advertising dollars. The following are over 20 marketing ideas that any small business with a small budget can use.

Publish Quality Content. It goes without saying that having great content is an absolute must these days. Being able to create it on your own is even better (free is always better after all). However, if your strong point isn’t writing, it shouldn’t be too difficult getting finding someone to write articles to post on your blog. You can post content on things such as industry best practices, tip articles, and top 10 lists.

Make Instructional Videos. One of the most valuable kinds of content that you can create these days is videos. It can be expensive to have YouTube videos professionally produced. However, there isn’t anything wrong with trying it yourself or finding a film student from Craigslist or another low-cost alternative. There is an excellent video tutorial from Wistia that teaches you how to shoot professional-looking footage using your iPhone.

If it sounds too challenging to make videos, you can always try to make slide decks and then share them at SlideShare.

Use Ad Promo Credits. Although huge advertising campaigns might not be within your budget, you can often find coupons and discounts online for paid Google ads or Facebook ads. There are some web hosting companies that provide discount codes with their offerings. You should check to see if yours has any available.

Reddit is a kind of bare-bones social network that describes itself as “front page of the internet.” When used strategically, it can be a very powerful tool. Be aware that the audience at Reddit is very tech-savvy and doesn’t respond well to obvious marketing tactics. So you will need to take a more sophisticated approach to succeed there.

Only share awesome content if you want to win on Reddit, and post to extreme niches only. There are subcategories on Reddit (called subreddits) which deal with very specific, narrow interests. For example, there are subreddits for unicycles (/r/unicycling), lockpicking and even one for those who admire nice handwriting (r/PenmanshipPorn). So find your niche and start dominating it.

Be a Savvy and Smart Social Networking. Get business accounts created and start participating on the major social media sites – Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. If your business happens to be image-oriented also add Instagram.

Use Stumble Upon Advertising. If you’d like to try out paid advertising without having to break the bank, then you should check out the Paid Search Discovery service offered by Stumble Upon. It might be just what you are looking for. Users are delivered by Paid Discovery directly to your website and are ready to engage. On Stumble Upon, the things that work best are humorous content, visual assets and photography.

Compared to many other paid advertising structures, Stumble Upon is fairly cheap. You start out with a 10 cents per click base price, then 2 or more cents are added for device targeting, gender targeting and age targeting. For more detailed information, you can look at the complete price list. No matter how you look at it, the paid offering from Stumble Upon is much less expensive than a majority of other social media ads. For instance, Facebook ads may run as high as 80 cents a click.

To get the most out of Stumble Upon, you should always use the targeting options to ensure you are hitting the right niches and audiences.

Use DIY Infographics. One of the most powerful marketing tools you can use these days are Infographics. They are great visual eye candy and quite easy to digest. Individuals love hearing them, so they can be an excellent way of increasing your links and referral traffic. It can be expensive to hire a designer to create a high-quality infographic. However, if you don’t mind somewhat of a challenge you can make your own inexpensively.

There are free infographic templates that are available that can be customized using PowerPoint and don’t require any design skills. There are also free vector kits available for making infographics if you know how to use Adobe Illustrator. You can also check out is you aren’t sure where to begin and need some inspiration. You can browse through their beginning as well as advanced examples.

Breathe New Life Into Old Data. If you have a tight marketing budget, you may not be able to afford to hire content writers all the time to create content for your blog. One thing you can do is breathe some new life into something that exists online already, instead of attempting to create something brand new. There is an abundance of statistics and data studies that are available online. Many of those studies might get some traction initially. However, many of them tend to not get a lot of notice.

Look for a study related to your industry and add some polish to it. Highlight the most interesting and important aspects of the study, add some charts and images, and interject your predictions and thoughts based on the study’s data.

To make use of this strategy, it isn’t necessary for you to be a great writer. A majority of the heavy lifting is done by the data. You can use another’s throwaway data to make the successful content of your own. Just make sure that you give credit and cite your sources where appropriate.

For government data, you can check out The Census Bureau or You can find world statistics at the World Health Organization and UNICEF. You will ultimately need to locate a source of data that relates to your audience interests and industry.

Hang Out On LinkedIn. This is a major social media website that frequently is under-utilized. Don’t merely add network connections and then log out – share your blog posts, have discussions with your connections and join groups. There is so much going on at LinkedIn. It can be an excellent place for promoting your content, sharing your ideas and building your brand.

Quite often local marketing is less expensive compare to large online campaigns. You will have a smaller reach, however if you have a regional business, it is the cheapest and best way of building your business.

Have Eye-Catching Business Cards. Get yourself some great looking business cards, and pass them out to everyone you run into. A business card should come with every handshake. The more individuals who become familiar with your business, the better for you – even if it only involves them giving your business card a quick glance.

Guerilla Marketing. This approach focuses on creativity more than budget, and frequently strategies are easy and inexpensive to implement, particularly in local settings. Place custom sticks onto urban decor, paint street art on an abandoned storefront, use sidewalk chalk to get your Twitter handle out there. There’s lots of room to get creative here, and to be successful; you don’t need to have a large budget.

Host A Class Or Event. Plan a class or event to host. Print flyers out and post them on bulletin boards in your community (adult ed centers, local colleges, coffee shops, libraries). Although a majority of community bulletin boards won’t allow you to post business ads, most often they will be happy to let you post a flyer that promotes a class or educational event.

Business Card Drawing. Place a fishbowl at your business location and put u p a sign asking people to put their business cards into the fishbowl for their chance to win a prize (for example, you could offer a free pizza party if you are a restaurant).

You will have collection tons of business cards by the time the month ends, and although there will be just one winner, the other business cards don’t need to go to waste. Take the email addresses that have been provided to you and inform participants that although they didn’t win, this time, you would like to invite them to join your email list, which will keep them informed of any special offers or giveaways in the future.

Email Marketing. This is an excellent way of getting new visitors to start engaging with your business, and also strengthen relations with your customers.

To get website visitors to sign up to be on your email list, offer a free bonus for subscribing (for example a free ebook on how to make homemade pizza).

Nurture your subscribers slowly via email until they decide to become your paying customer. Begin your email campaign using MailChimp or another free email marketing service.

Place Car Magnets On Your Company Car. Having a magnet sign on company cars can help to build brand awareness for your business as you are driving around town. You can also use window decals and bumper stickers.

Give Balloons Away at Local Events. Buy a couple of hundred custom balloons that have your business name printed on them, rent a helium tank, and get ready to see lots of smiles.

Children love balloons. Actually, adults do too but tend not to like to admit it. Bubbles and balloons are always great, and it is okay to admit to it. For less than $200 you can have lots of people walking around carrying your brand name with them.

Participate in Local Contests. Think about donating a service or product as a prize for a local event or contest.
When it comes to SEO for small businesses, it isn’t necessary for it to be complicated. It is possible to improve your business website’s visibility within the search engines and obtain visitors for your site by focusing on these four things: keyword selection, on-site optimisation, creating good content and backlinks.

The starting point for any small business SEO process is keyword selection. You need to choose keywords that directly relate to your business, and are ones that people really are searching for, and aren’t too competitive for the budget you have. Select the proper keywords – you should initially limit yourself to about 5. On a small budget, you can still get good results.

After you choose your keywords, the next thing you should do is create one page of content for each of your keywords. The content should match the intent of the individuals who are searching for this keyword. Make sure it is also higher quality than the content that is listed on the first page of the search results already for your selected keyword.

After your new content is created, you need to add your keyword into the header tag, meta description, page title and page URL. The on-site optimisation process involves more than merely adding your keywords into those places. However, it’s the most important thing that you can do and will have the greatest impact on your rankings.

Creating quality content and properly optimising it, will help to rank it in the search engines. However, that alone probably would get you as high a rank as you want. You still need backlinks – in both quantity and quality. These are links to other websites pointing back to your site. This is what will determine ultimately whether or not your website makes to the search results first page.

Usually, for your site to appear no the first page of the results for a keyword, your website will need to have more good quality, relevant backlinks compared to the sites that are ranking on the first page currently for the keyword. A good place to start is to replicate the backlinks that the websites that are on the first page already have. Determine which sites are linking to them and see if they will link to your business website as well.

Also, ask your friends, customers, suppliers and partners to link to your website. You should also try to develop relationships with bloggers and businesses that have websites that are relevant to yours and ask them for links to your website also. SEO results don’t happen overnight, so the backlinks that you acquire might take weeks for the search engines to credit. However, your rankings over time will continue to improve, and you will get an increasing number of visitors to your site.